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Welcome to Highcliffe Manor

About Highcliffe Manor

The Barnes family warmly welcome you to Highcliffe Manor, our family home since 1997. The heart of Highcliffe Manor, Cliffe House, was constructed in the Late Victorian era in 1895 replacing a more humble farm property upon land once owned by the Duke of Norfolk.

The construction and architectural merit of the property was sufficiently important for it to appear in the 1894 Architect’s Gazette. Legends about the original purpose of the grand new property abound.

In the 1930s Cliffe House was at the centre of an agricultural estate and by the 1960s the property was in use as a hotel, a function it performed until its closure in the mid-1990s.

Since 1997 it has been the family home of the Barnes family when it was rescued from dereliction by Arthur and Christine. Over the last 20 years it has witnessed many happy family occasions and hosted many family events. It is our pleasure to now share our home with you and enable you to experience the comfort and pleasure of a visit to Highcliffe.

Highcliffe Manor is located at South Landing, Flamborough, and the footpath along the Heritage Coast, a place of great natural beauty with sweeping views across the North Sea and recognised as a notable spot for bird watching and sighting rare sea birds, runs alongside the boundaries of the property and is accessible through a five-bar gate just outside the main entrance gate of Highcliffe Manor.

Local wildlife are frequent visitors to the grounds. A family of deer regularly can be seen on the front lawn and surroundings. You may also see hare, foxes, pheasant and our resident barn owl. Please exercise care when driving around the property as this is the habitat of many friendly animals!

We hope that it is a place which you find warm and welcoming in which you may create fabulous memories of your own.

The Rooms

Master Bedroom

9 Stunning bedrooms with en-suite facilities

From the impressive Master Bedroom which occupies the bay window at the front of the house to a selection of comfortable bedrooms of various sizes which overlook different aspects of the property. We guarantee your stay will be memorable.

We have 9 Bedrooms available with en-suite facilities and 11 beds. The maximum number of guests we are able to cater for is 20, excluding infants under 2 years of age.

Dine in luxury

The beautiful wood-panelled dining room was fully restored by the current owners after their acquisition of the property in 1997. The huge inglenook fireplace was commissioned from a bespoke craftsman specifically for this room. The ideal location for a formal dinner.

Dining Room
The Bar

The bar

Perhaps our favourite room, the Bar is the heart and soul of the house! Please help yourselves to the selection of drinking glasses which can be found on shelves inside the bar itself.

The billiard room

The snooker-billiard table is an Edwardian vintage full sized table on an original slate bed. The table has been sympathetically refurbished by hand including English wool cloth. A great place to unwind and challenge your friends to a little friendly competition. The room also features a table football table.

The Billiard Room

All Amenities

Please let us know if there is anything we can offer to make your stay more comfortable and we can look into arranging it for you.
House rules and terms and conditions can be viewed at the time of booking.

How To Find Us